We integrate health and communication technology with wellness programs to support the holistic well-being of senior communities—residents and staff, alike.


We promote physical mobility, stability and balance through a guided process that involves careful assessment, tracking and coaching.


By introducing seniors to popular technology, we give them a new set of tools that inspire exploration, creativity, and sharing.


Using biofeedback technology and mind-body training, we help seniors increase their emotional capacity to engage with new tools, people, and activities.


Our group programs and collaborative projects enrich relationships and enable new ways to connect with family, friends and neighbors.

We’re health-driven and technology-powered

Expert Trainers

The Got it team is a unique blend of fitness gurus, yogis, and technology geeks who share a passion for innovative ideas and tools that enhance the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of seniors.

Innovative Technology

We integrate a range of interactive technology from brain games to biofeedback tools that not only enable our engaging programming, but also promote technological literacy and proficiency. Everything is made easily accessible with Got it’s Mobile Lab.

Custom Program Design

The versatility of the technology and expertise that we bring allows us to tailor wellness solutions to needs of the community and to the resources and facilities available. We combine group programs with 1-on-1 tutoring to facilitate community building while supporting personal enrichment.

Smart Metrics

Heart-rate variability (HRV) refers to the range and change of one’s heart rate over time. Used in conjunction with structured training programs, HRV provides a holistic and quantifiable measure of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

"Our residents are ordering things online, finding old chums, keeping up with the latest news. Got it's technology program has opened an entire new world for these seniors."

− Sally Trautwein, Service Coordinator | Arbor Vista, Livermore CA

"After watching how well Got it instructors work with our residents and getting such positive feedback I am sold. Our residents are like kids with new toys - they love it!"

− Dianamarie Baciarelli, Service Coordinator | Vineyard Village Apartments, Livermore CA